Thursday, December 4, 2008


Today is Mary Beth's 7th birthday. She is going to have a fun couple of days. This morning, I'll be joining her in her classroom to read a story to all her classmates. After school today, we're going to invite all the kids on the Circle to join us for cupcakes, and she's made a request of breakfast dinner for our dinner tonight. Yummy! Tomorrow is the BIG DAY, though. She is going to the American Girl Place for a birthday lunch with her
We'll go with her big sister and best friend Elisabeth for the afternoon--eating lunch and shopping. I might as well just hand the cashier my wallet as soon as we walk in and tell her to take everything I have!

And now, in the spirit of tradition, here are my 7 reasons that Mary Beth rocks:

1. She's funny--here lately, especially, she's learned how to crack us up

2. She's fast--don't bet against her in a race

3. She's thoughtful--always doing sweet things for her brother and sisters--like reading to Cory and helping Lucy, and writing notes to them saying things like I Love You

4. She's helpful--if I need something done, Mary Beth's the one to ask.

5. She's loving--on Lucy especially. Those two have a sweet connection

6. She's generous--sharing her snacks (once again, usually with Lucy) even if it's something super yummy like candy

7. She's one tough cookie--dont' mess with Mary Beth!

Earlier this year Mary Beth gave me a handmade card with the following written in it:

I Love You, Mommy, and I don't know why.

It's one of those gifts that I'll keep for a long, long time. We love you, Mary Beth--and there are lots and lots of reasons why!

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