Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

Well, here we are. December. I looked at my cell phone today for the time (because my watch is broken), and thought, "It can't be 12:01--I just left the school, and it was only 10:00." Then it hit me, that wasn't the time, it was the date. And I thought, "Oh my, it can't possibly be December yet!" Ted was uploading pictures from the camera to the computer, and as he was setting up the folder he said in that same disbelieving way, "12-1." So, in celebration of this month and the season of Advent, we've changed the music for your listening pleasure. We hope you enjoy the songs as much as we do, or at least as much as I do since I'm the one who developed the playlist. (Ted doesn't like being associated with the country twang that I like to listen to.)

I just can hardly believe that it's December. Back in January it seemed July was too far away to possibly reach, let alone December. Wow.

Ted and I started hanging lights outside on Saturday. That's always a fun thing to do in our less-than-stellar-constructed base housing. We have the lights plugged into multiple places and extension cords going every which way so that we don't trip the breaker and leave the girls wondering why their clock is blinking when they go to bed. Then, Ted began the scary process of getting Christmas boxes down from the rafters in our garage, and today I began digging through them for some of our indoor decorations. In the process I found these hats for the kids:

No tree yet...maybe this next weekend.
On a side note, we had an interesting event occur this evening in our early evening sky. Here's the picture I took of the moon, Venus and Mercury. Pretty cool. It looks like they're sad that it's already December, too!

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Susan said...

PRETTY!!!!!! Typing can not do justice to the way you girls said it. Do they still do that? Mike and I did it the other day when we saw a house lit up.