Friday, December 5, 2008

Slave or Free?

Tonight our Hanscom Bible Study went to a local church's living Nativity. It was a large production both inside and outside the church. You started in the sanctuary and watched a few scenes leading up to Mary and Joseph departing for Bethlehem. Then you went outside and took a journey similar to the one Mary and Joseph took. There were Roman soldiers, villagers, wisemen, shepherds, and a few others stops along the path. Live animals, campfires, and a new star in the sky all led you to the end with a small shelter with a young couple and tiny baby. Then you went back inside for a some hot chocolate, cookies, and fellowship. I thought the church did an excellent job.

When we passed the Roman Soldier checkpoint - they stopped us and asked a few questions, in character of course. They had particular fun questioning one of our group. After the standard fare of: show me your papers, where are you from...they asked slave or free? I couldn't help but think of the larger question there. Are you a slave to life or are you free in trusting God?

If you are in the area - here's the link to check them out.

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