Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Amazing Lucy

We read to Cory and Lucy before bed in their room. Lucy is usually first and then Cory. A few day ago something new happened. I had finished Lu and was now reading some Patriot battle book (Patriot's Day is coming soon, but I am sure you will get more on that in a few days) and then Lucy heads up the ladder. This was not new. She climbs Cory's bunk ladder sometimes and throws things into her crib. But on this day she threw in more...herself. For a couple of months she has been teasing us with almost climbing into the crib, but this was a whole new level of daring on her part.

After getting in and then dancing around all happy with herself...she started to climb out. She made it all the way to the floor grabbed bee-pa-goggy (blanket, pacifier, and doggie) launched them back into the crib and then climbed back up the ladder. She repeated this process about 3 times, and then I called Kristi in to watch. Soon K was back with the camera so all can enjoy my little circus girl. She's pretty coordinated and seems to handle the transition from crib to ladder well, but I know this will eventually end in a large fall.

We were curious if she would climb out on her own in the morning. To date she has not, but I'm sure that day is not far away. After we finish stories and turn out the lights she seems content to stay in bed...for now.

I'll most likely take down the crib rail this weekend before we have to speed off to the ER.

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