Monday, April 20, 2009

Disperse Ye Rebels!

To Arms! To Arms!

It's Patriot's Day today. A state holiday. Many, if not all, Massachusetts' public school spring breaks correlate with the holiday. For those of you unaware, Patriot's Day is the day in 1775 (April 19) when Paul Revere and William Dawes rode into Lexington warning the colonials that the Regulars were coming to seize the weaponry stored in Lexington and many nearby communities--specifically a large amount suspected to be hidden in Barrett's barn in Concord. Paul Revere was captured between Lexington and Concord, but Samuel Prescott, who had joined Revere and Dawes after a late evening courting a lady, evaded capture and continued to Concord. At dawn the first real battle of the Revolution played out on Lexington Green. Two forces faced off...700 British regulars against 77 militia minutemen. As the militia were retreating, having made their point of showing patriot resolve, a shot was fired and so began the America Revolution. Later that day the 'shot heard round the world' was fired on the old North Bridge as the British were retreating back to Boston. We're lucky to live just a few miles from the 'battle trail' as they call it, where tri-cornered hats and muskets are commonplace.

Last night we attended a re-enactment of the call to arms and muster of the Lincoln Minutmen. We enjoyed the interpreter who retold the story of that night. He was in traditional garb, but mic'd up so all could hear him, and he did a fabulous job of taking us back in time.

We stood wide-eyed with the kids and a hundred or so other locals while the rider came into town to alert the minutemen of the moving British troops.

The church bell was rung and men were called from sleep to muster at the First Parish Church.

They formed up and did a roll call, afterwards firing their muskets (the highlight for Cory). The fifes and drums also demonstrated their talents.
They then marched down the road to the Pierce house playing Yankee Doodle Dandy, and the crowd followed. Once there they gave us a little more information about the Minutemen, and we were able to talk with them and ask questions. Cory was especially interested to see their muskets and meet the "captain."

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