Sunday, April 12, 2009

He Is Risen!

Over the past week we have been busy doing what many of you have probably been doing--splurging on unnecessary pastel colored candies!

Our family has enjoyed celebrating the Easter season in a whole other host of ways as well. Last weekend we kicked off the fun with a Flashlight Easter Egg hunt. What a great night--even if it was 40 degrees outside! (Remember when I mentioned that I cleaned the gloves, hats and scarves to put away--well, praise God I kept a few out, because we're still using them!) This egg hunt was a circle wide event, so we had over 30 kids looking for eggs in the dark with their flashlights. Not only that, but we had the Easter bunny, too, or at least a couple of look-a-likes.

This past Thursday we attended our church's Seder dinner. We have done these with our Sunday School class in Virginia, and we love them. The tone is slightly different in such a large setting, but the Passover Pizza that they served afterwards was a fun twist.

Then, there is the coloring of the eggs. When I really stop to think about this one, I wonder why we even can't display the gorgeous eggs without the danger of causing them to spoil, so they just sit in the refrigerator. They do, however, make a great deviled egg to enjoy for Easter dinner (the irony of this is almost too much for me) which we did.

Of course, we had the Easter baskets, too. Grandma and Grandpa sent some toys and candy for the kids, and the Easter Bunny brought some toys as well--tennis rackets, a large frisbee, and lacrosse sticks.

And, as if the one Easter egg hunt is not enough, our kids all think they need to hunt for eggs on Sunday after church, so we had a family egg hunt this morning (still very cold, I might add).

The celebrations ended this evening with a yummy dinner at our neighbor's house--we decided that the only thing missing from a great holiday celebration was a game of football.

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