Wednesday, April 1, 2009

No April Foolin'

What an exciting day! Cory received a package in today's mail from his cousin Sarah.

He opened it right when he got home from preschool, and he was quite thrilled.

Meet Thomas:
This little guy was Sarah's--one of her Bitty Twins--and she decided that he might have more fun playing with Cory. Cory is thrilled. Mary Beth suggested he name him Thomas, and Cory decided it was a perfect name. He's eager to have lots of adventures with Thomas, and noticed that Thomas must like cars (since they are on his overall bibs). He wanted to introduce Thomas to all his friends, so we took him outside for a little while to go meeting...then I insisted he come back inside.

On a side note, it IS April Fool's Day you probably know, and I couldn't help but start the day with a little trickery of my own. Somehow, the kids' cereal milk all turned a different color when they poured the milk into their bowls. Cory and Lucy were the first to experience the foolishness, and Cory commented, "It sure is a crazy day, today!" Lucy, who I didn't think knew her colors, told me hers was yellow. And Riley, who was the last down for breakfast, announced that she knew what would happen before she even poured the milk. That little stink--always reads my Family Fun magazine where I get my ideas and spoils my surprises! :)

And check out Cory's hair! As his Grandpa would say, "Did you sleep on your head, boy?"

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