Saturday, March 28, 2009

I paid $50 for that!

I was out of town this week and come home to find the Blog full of stories of my slackness - wait just a doggone minute. Let me tell you my side:

Last week Kristi says "Ted I don't think you understand - I really want this." She hands me a flyer from the mail. We get flyers like this all the time supposedly offering really good deals. Mostly it's just marketing. Well the flyer has a set of flowers circled. Kristi always likes fresh flowers but rarely so pointedly and specific. So I file it away and take the flyer to work. Later that day I place the order - with much consternation because we live on base and getting deliveries on base can be a challenge. The UPS guys can get on without issue, but some local deliveries like flowers sometimes mean more hassle than "ease" with delivery. If you have to meet them at the gate is it really a delivery? While I was in Iraq I ordered flowers a couple of times and I remember she said one florist was better than another (of course I don't remember who that was). I called K and asked if she preferred a specific florist. I mean there was no surprise in this love offering so why add disappointment with the delivery. Luckily she does not remember the preferred Flow$r maker either. I make my best guess and schedule the delivery for a day I will be out of town. I'm trying to spin this for my good. She gets the flowers and all is well. I make her happy fulfilling a specific request. When I come back I won't have to sleep in the doghouse.

Fast forward to Thursday and I come home late at night.The house is quiet and dark because all are in bed. I see the small arrangement of flowers on the table. My first thought is that K has split the flowers into two pieces...because what I ordered was much bigger than this. I also knew I had paid for an upgrade beyond the small arrangement she circled in the flyer. Oh well - I think little of it and go to bed.

The next day I see her blog. And I can't help but to laugh. I honestly never heard or saw her first two requests. She fretted about nagging me but I only heard the one I can't call it nagging.

I posted this picture so you can see some relative size. This thing is less than 12 inches tall. Upgrade - whatever. The card at the top is almost as big as the flowers. Flori$t$ are just out to get your money. I'm going back to my old habits of buying fresh cut flowers from the grocery store. I think you get so much more...she feels the love...and you can still afford to buy Chipotle for lunch.

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