Friday, March 13, 2009

I Do Not Like Green Eggs and Ham--or Spinach

Earlier this month schools and children around the nation celebrated Dr. Seuss' birthday. Our girls' school was no different (other than the fact that on his birthday we had a snow day). However, they had already planned an activity that culminated on the Friday after, so all was well. The kids were encouraged to make a hat with their parents that demonstrated some vocabulary word. Mary Beth picked RIVALRY. Her hat was a baseball hat with an enlarged logo-half of it was the Red Sox half of it was the Yankees.

Riley chose the word DAZZLING. She made a crown shaped hat from a file folder and decorated it with glitter. That's always a fun project to clean up.

A picture of Mary Beth in her hat was in today's base paper--according to our kids that means she's famous.

In other news, we went to dinner tonight. No Dr. Pepper, no Coke at this fine establishment. Guess that means alcohol! So, I ordered a beer--and got asked for my ID. Ted did, too. Some might say I should be flattered. I can't say I was flattered, not really annoyed either--just kind of 'huh'? Lucy took her usual residence--in Ted's lap eating Ted's food. Well, I don't think she really ate any of his food, just used a french fry as a means of eating ketchup. Cory was disappointed in the pizza that he had, so I offered him some of my panini. After a few bites (which he seemed to like) he asked me what was in it. I told him chicken, olives, cheese, spinach, pesto. He stops me. "Did you say spinach?" "Yes," I replied. Then he promptly put what was left back on my plate. Kind of makes me think of a reverse Green Eggs and Ham... I do not like them Sam I am!

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