Monday, March 23, 2009

Taking a Sunday Stroll--Cory Style

Our son has it tough--he's one boy surrounded by three girls, and things in our house are often pink. He seems to take it in stride, though, and can be seen playing house with the girls one minute and shooting with his gun the next minute.

Recently, he's taken quite an interest in caring for Lauren, the Bitty Baby doll Mary Beth inherited from her cousin Sarah, and who is now technically Lucy's. Cory likes to make sure Lauren has pajamas on at night and clothes on in the morning. On Sundays he tries to select church dresses. He has a diaper bag packed for her, and occasionally feeds her various meals. He often brings her in the car with us, but usually we don't allow him to take her in to places--this distressed him quite a bit at the Museum of Science this past February because he wanted to be able to show her all the cool things inside.

He's also not allowed to take her outside to play--she's a very special doll, and we don't want her getting left outside to be lost, or muddied in the ground. And yet, since he truly is a boy through and through, here is another good reason not to let him bring her outside. This is what he did with one of his other babies, Melanie, this past weekend (who he picked to take outside after I told him he wasn't allowed to bring out Lauren).

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