Monday, March 2, 2009

Freedom Rink - An Inconvenient Truth

It has come to my attention that I have some lib's closely associated with the family. Not the immediate family mind you. I'd have queued up some remedial Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter and Holy Bible study lessons if that were the case. No there are pockets of less than conservative thought existing within the two sets of extended families.

To make those on the left feel more comfortable with Freedom Rink - I wanted to point out how global warming impacts everyone. You see Freedom Rink can do more than just entertain. It's also a lesson about life. Our Environment is decaying all around us, and Freedom Rink brings that same issue into my back yard. The poor arctic animals are losing habitats faster than you know. Just the other day I saw a Polar Bear floating along on an iceberg as Freedom Rink started to melt.

These poor animals don't have the vast areas of Freedom they used to have. They go out in search of food and suddenly the ice breaks and then they are stuck. Unfortunately, it's not just bears that are experiencing the shrinking habitats.

Those cuddly baby seals suffer from similar troubles. Who would have thought we could not coexist - military families and furry white animals. This little pup must have wandered too far from mommy's watchful eye.

I went out with a hockey you the little guy. We called out for his maternal guardian, and sure enough she soon floated by. Thankfully, the family is back
together again. Hunting for the few morsels of food still available.

There was great concern that this was a long term trend. Warming could ruin Freedom Rink forever. Thankfully a good old Nor'Easter storm has fixed all that. Temps below freezing and double digit snow fall has the circle of life back in sync. The kids were out having an old fashioned snowball fight. The rink is covered in snow and needs a few days to get back into a solid state. I think we might get one more good skate out of it. All is right in Freedom Circle.

Any of you PETA lovers out there - No animals were harmed in the making of this Blog.

Next up for Freedom Rink - It's too loud - Lower the Volume!

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