Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring? Really? Because I'm Still Cold

J C Monahan, our trusty weather forecaster (or as Ted likes to call them, weather guessers) announced this morning that our highs would not get out of 30 degrees on this, the FIRST DAY OF SPRING! So, I made sure that the kids had a pair of gloves for school, and I then took the rest of them to wash and put away. It's the first day of spring! Surely we're almost done with these things. right? please?

While I was at it, I started pulling things out of closets so I could put away all the hats, gloves and snowpants that aren't destroyed.

Bedding was next. Surely we don't need flannel sheets anymore--it is the Vernal Equinox, after all. So I stripped everyone's beds and began the arduous task of laundering everything to get put away.

Look at those beautiful flannel sheets, all fresh and clean! Now, off to the newly cleaned closet you go!
Here's the bag of snowpants and snow gear that is no longer usable...too many holes to be waterproof and warm.
Lastly, I pulled out my spring tablecloth--so bright and airy! Makes me smile just to think of it. Flowers for the table are in the near future, for sure.

And here's what happens when Mommy is busy working--Lucy finds ways to entertain herself. First trying on snowbibs.Then getting into the bandaids. Cory's favorite camo bandaids, no less.

Actually, I've been preparing/hoping for spring's arrival for a week or so. Here are some for the garden plants we've started from seeds. The pumpkin seeds were from our pumpkins that Cory grew last summer. In another month and a half (read--forever until it really is warm and springy) we'll be able to transplant these outside.

This afternoon I joined the other parents in the middle of our circle while the kids ran around, rode their bikes and rollerbladed. Can I just say it was COLD? I mean, really, who do I think I am kidding? Look at these trees. Not a bud in sight!
Now where did I put those gloves?

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