Thursday, May 14, 2009

Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed

Riley's year of AWANA came to its conclusion Wednesday night. We had an award ceremony and potluck dinner to celebrate the end of an amazing year in AWANA. It was the first year for this club which grew from an initial sign up of 15 children, to an ending attendance of over 70 children and an addition of 2 groups. God is good.

Riley really only wanted to go for two reasons:

1. It was also store night, at which she got to spend her shares (AWANA bucks) she accumulated over the year. Riley, ever considerate, used her shares to buy things for her sisters, brother, and cousin (who was arriving that same evening), as well as for herself.

2. Earlier in the year they had a competition between the boys and girls, which the girls apparently won. This was the night that they would get their prizes...a GIANT HERSHEY BAR. Riley sniffed it and basked in it's chocolatey-ness. It was a good prize.

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