Thursday, May 7, 2009

'tis the season

And here's a picture to prove it. The azaleas are blooming! I know I asked for this. Spring is here, and now we're BUSY! Yikes--it's all good, though, right? I really can't complain.

One of those things keeping us boogey-ing is soccer. We have two kids playing, and we're shuttling them between practices and games. Praise God that we are still in young enough leagues that all our games are at the same fields and we're not traveling all over tarnation on Saturday morning. As it is they each have 9:00 games--but their fields are not 100 yards apart, so we can just bounce from one to the other.

This is Mary's 3rd season of soccer, and she shows improvement every season. She really seems to enjoy it, too. She loves to run, so soccer is a good fit. I love watching her.
This is Cory's 1st season...along with most of the other players on his U6 team. For those of you who have been here before with your kids, this, I'm sure, will sound very familiar. So here we are at his first game...3 v. 3. It's basically a pack of 6 kids in an amoeba type form kicking at and running around the ball around the field. That in itself is funny. But even better is when one kid gets out in front of the others kicking the ball. With no control. So the ball goes out of bounds. But they don't really know/care, so they just keep kicking the ball past the goal and 25 yards beyond the field of play. At this point the rest of the amoeba has rejoined him and now the coach is trying to herd them back to the field. It's so very funny. The funniest part of this last game was when the ball was on the backside of the net, and one of the kids started trying to kick the ball up and over the back of the net to get into the goal. I laughed so hard.
Next up--AWANA pinewood derby...

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