Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Kids

The kids love their cousins. So, having a cousin visit for a few days is a huge treat for the kids (although Cory mentioned that he was sad that his cousin, Jamie, didn't come to see him. We tried to explain to him that Sarah was his cousin, too, but he doesn't always understand logic). Even Lucy loved having Sarah around, and followed her big sisters and cousin around trying to be big, too.
We did some normal stuff -- we biked around the base together and played at a park.
We took a little trip to the American Girl Store to torture them by looking and not buying,

followed by a yummy lunch at California Pizza Kitchen.

And did other typical Boston sightseeing type things, which we've already mentioned (but here's another picture to prove it)

The girls are always sad to say good-bye. I don't blame them--Sarah's a terrific girl.

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