Thursday, May 28, 2009

Piano Recital

Tonight was the girl's Piano recital. Here's a pic of our two girls and the two oldest Jensen kids. They all have the same Paino teacher...because we can't do anything without the Jensens involved in some way. I took videos (of Riley and Mary Beth) so you can enjoy the show.

If you need help with stopping the music player at the bottom of the page - just scroll down to the music player and click on the large circle with two parallel lines (to pause).

Each girl played two songs. Mary Beth was first.

And here's her second piece.

Now Riley's first song.

And then her second.

Afterwards we all enjoy refreshments and snacks...chit chat in the Gatlin standard standoffish way and then leave. Cory and baby Lu had the night off and stayed with some friends on the circle. That's mainly becuase the previous two recitals were only seen by one parent. The other parent spent the evening roaming the school halls so as not to distract from the show with loud and unruly kid.

I was very proud of all the kids. They sounded great!

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