Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are we at Six Flags?

After church today we headed out to a small park with a Vietnam War Memorial. We knew there was a small geocache in the vicinity and we thought it would be nice to stop by and see the memorial. At some point while we were there, Cory asks, "Is this place Six Flags?" The centerpiece of the memorial is surrounded by 5 flags (and another is off to the side).
He has heard others in the neighborhood talk about six flags. He knows it's a fun place for kids but not sure what it means. Too bad we weren't quick enough to say yeah - isn't this great. All the kids come here and spend the day.
We were successful with the geocache (Dale #2). It was placed there in memory of a fallen soldier from the area by his cousin. We were able to talk for a minute with the kids about this weekend and what it is supposed to represent.

Another interesting aspect of this park was a Remote Control (R/C) aircraft club. There was a large grass field, viewing pavilion and many wooden stands for pilots to position & work on their toys. As we were milling about we noticed a man with his helicopter. The kids were interested so we stuck around for a few minutes.

We saw two different helicopters fly (and one crash).

Another fella had an airplane flying...also saw him crash. There was a second much larger airplane that we were excited to see but the pilot kept working on his engine and never went off the maintenance stand. We got tired of waiting and headed off to Mickey-Ds for some sweet tea. Any interest I had in pursuing that hobby was kicked down the road as 2 of the 3 flyers had trouble. I know how much those things cost...have to pay for college and weddings first.

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