Monday, June 15, 2009

Everything Goes

Our Circle had a yard sale a couple of weekends ago. For our loyal readers, you're probably beginning to think that none of us do anything alone. You're probably right. But we have fun, so it's all good, right? The Base has a policy that yard sales are from 8-12. I decide to get up around 7 to get our stuff out and set up. Apparently my neighbors were a little concerned that I may have overslept. They had all been up much earlier than that. I cherish sleep too much, and since we had very little that needed to go out I figured another 1/2 hour to hour in bed was worth every second. As it was, I had plenty of time to set up and lay stuff out. Most garage sales aren't like that, but in our little gated, base community there aren't a lot of people beatin' down the door at 7 a.m. or earlier.

As much as we all tried to stay in our little yards and not just exchange our junk, there was, admittedly, a little bit of that happening. I bought a Mr. Potato Head collection that included piratey things--very cute. I also came away with a few things for next year's home schooling plan. The kids were also eager to buy from their friends--and we allowed them a few dollars to spend.
For a large part of the morning the girls had more money than we did. As mentioned before, I had very little to sell, and what I did have was basically $1 or less. We did, however, put out Build A Bear things--bears, outfits, etc. Since the kids were somewhat reluctant to part with them, I promised that they would be able to have the money if the Bears sold. Well, the three next door neighbor girls were very enamored by the selection and each walked away with a bear and an outfit, putting the girls' total at over $20. Those stinks!! And in the end there were two animals left and a few outfits, so not only did the girls make a few bucks, but they still got to keep some of their things. Win-Win.

After the sale, the sun cleared out just in time for the kids to help celebrate one of the neighbor's 6th birthday with an outdoor water party. The kids had a B-L-A-S-T! Slip-n-Slides, water balloons, sprinklers...what more could you ask for?

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