Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Sweet Summer

We are on day 2 of our summer vacation and boredom has set in like a champ. It didn't take long.

Today, to break up the unbearable monotony, we went with our friends to a local farm for strawberry picking. This same farm is where we went for apples in the fall. It's a cute place, an easy drive from here, and not overly commercial--yet.
The strawberries have had it tough for the last couple of weeks. The northeast has been in terminal gray clouds and rain, so they are soaked to the core and only the strong have survived. We didn't leave empty-handed, though. Four quarts of strawberries to enjoy over the next couple of days--yum.
The kids were a huge "help." Riley picked about a half quart of quality strawberries.
Cory picked about a half quart of squishy strawberries, which he refused to let me trade for better ones.
Mary Beth stood next to me and took the strawberries I picked to fill her quart.
Lucy also stood near me and ate the strawberries I put into her container.
Comical. Should I thank them?

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