Monday, June 22, 2009

Vermont: doing what we like to do

Day 2 in Vermont we decide to head to Quechee Gorge to hike to the bottom. We started by walking across the bridge the spans the bridge to see this gorgeous view.
All the kids agreed that being on the bridge was a little scary--especially when the 18 wheeler crossed and made the whole thing shake.

The descent is an easy one on a nice, clear, wide path. We were not alone this morning--there were lots of other people enjoying the area. I overheard one family looking for a letterbox. Unfortunately, instead of researching for geocaches the night before, we were being diligent bloggers for our faithful few...grrrrr. So we just hiked. Curses. I bet the caches were fun.

At the bottom we found ways to get close to the water, although most of the paths were steep and/or slippery.Riley found this little jewel, which she wanted a picture of.

I, of course, took a great deal of pictures with which I will now bore you:

After walking around the gorge, we drove to a nearby arts and crafts center, a.k.a. tourist trap, to have lunch at a cute little diner and then bleed from the wallet once again for another train ride. The kids loved it.
We also found some moose (or as Ted likes to say, meese) that were willing to let the kids climb on their backs for photos.

And the bargain of the weekend! For just 25 cents Cory rode a RAZORBACK. He was in, ahem, hog heaven.

Say it with me everybody: Wooooo, Pig Soooie!!!

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