Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vermont: Let's See How Long It Takes Us To Bore The Kids

I know, I know, at this point you're thinking we've said all there is to say about a weekend trip to Vermont. And perhaps you're right-we weren't even there two full days. We may have reached the point of overkill, but we won't let that stop us! So, in the spirit of infomercials...


Saturday evening, after we were finished at mini golf and, in an attempt to escape those pesky bugs, we hopped in the van and headed towards the next town. As I'm playing navigator with the local area tourist map I notice that we'll pass by a covered bridge. This is where the boredom begins. The kids have a slight interest initially, but that quickly wanes. We stop at the bridge to look around for a bit, watch two separate balloon chase vehicles make their way through the bridge and decide we must cross as well.

We cross the bridge and begin driving aimlessly down a country road. Well, not completely aimlessly, but certainly not towards anything in particular. What we happen upon, though, while going nowhere was a third balloon that had also landed in this area. How fun. We stopped and watched them problem solve how they were going to get the balloon and basket out of the field that was surrounded in barbed wire fencing. The kids were moderately impressed, but we were still in the middle of nowhere.

Eventually we continue on our way, still trying to get to that next town. I comment to Ted that the map shows another covered bridge in the town. "NO!" the kids tell us from the back. The map also shows a creamery, so we promise them that after the bridge we'll find a treat for everyone. We find the bridge and stop for some pictures and exploring. I ponder the property values of the homes that sit on the river with this gorgeous views while Ted ponders the cost of flood insurance. The kids keep saying, "come on!" so we head off to the creamery.

one word:

C L O S E D !

Not even a Ben and Jerry's in the area--in Vermont no less. Ugh. So, guess where we go? You guessed it! McDonald's for chocolate shakes, m&m McFlurry and sweet tea.

On the way back, as we passed the first bridge for a second time from the opposite direction this is how it looked. Cool.

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