Friday, June 12, 2009

Taos Retreat

In case some of you were worried about us. We made it safe to Taos NM. More specifically we are staying in Arroyo Seco. Here's the view from our front door. We are sharing a rental house with two other couples. The house is really nice. You never know with an internet booking, but this one has turned out great. The group gathered for the wedding met at a close by restaurant and then headed over here last night. It was late for us because K and I are all still on Eastern time.
The house has radiant heat (hot water piped thru the floor) and Kristi just loves it. I am so in trouble - she wants that in our OH house bathroom.
The weather was awful in Dallas yesterday. Luckily our flights were only 3ish hours delayed but we still made it to ABQ. Many of the flights that day were canceled.
Today I'm off to find some adventure hiking or geocaching while the girls are all getting dolled-up for the wedding.

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