Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Next Up: Kinder-GARRR-ten

A few weeks ago I met with Cory's teacher for our final parent-teacher conference of the school year. This is the conference at which we discuss Cory's readiness for Kindergarten by going over various learning areas and how he approaches them. Without a doubt, Cory is academically ready for kindergarten.

Having been a preschool and elementary teacher, I am acutely aware that kids will act very differently in school than at home. While that's usually in the area of behavior, one of the oddities for Cory in school vs. home was his participation in dress up play. The teacher marked this area as "emerging," noting that she didn't observe him dressing up at school very often. I had to laugh out loud. No joke, that very morning Cory asked me if he should dress up as a pirate or a knight. And I have taken him on errands dressed as Spiderman, a bear, a pirate and a beach dude, just to name a few. Also, let's not forget that virtually every day he wants to dress up as an army guy, and there is much distress when his camouflaged clothes are in the laundry

And then, just a week later, Cory went to school in his pirate clothes (just the cut off jeans, a t-shirt with fringe and holes cut in it and a scarf around the waist--this is what it looks like at home)for what would be their "End of Year Celebration." Had I known it would be with a little graduation cap, I might have insisted otherwise, but then again, I think it was perfect, and a fun way to capture my boy at 5 years old (I mean 5 and a half--he would never let me get away with calling him just 5).

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