Monday, July 20, 2009

Camp Freedom

It's impossible to coordinate all the schedules of our neighbors for a camping I did the next best thing. I just declared a FRI night as Camp Freedom night and told everyone I was setting up a tent and would be out with the kids. Of course these things start innocently, but as usual our circle is "all in" and we soon had 4 families with tents ranging from single person to a multiple room bungalow.

We pitched tents...

We cooked raw meat over an open fire...

We roasted marshmallows and made smores...(for those of you who know about Cory's puking on parents issues...he added another notch in his belt for yaking on or around Daddy).

We sang songs...

We generally had an amazing night.

Until the rains came.

Cory and Mary slept soundly while I endured multiple thunderstorm cells passing directly overhead. I was then wide awake. Eventually our tent leaked, but the kids did not seem to notice. Mom slept inside (she is smart!). After the kids finally woke up, I went inside for a few hours nap while they watched cartoons. I was so excited for Saturday night so I could get some decent sleep. Maybe real tent camping for the family is not so far off.

When questioned about the night and if he had fun, Cory said, "Can we camp in the tent again, but without all the fun?" I guess that is a yes!

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