Wednesday, July 8, 2009

yellow then red -- bad for ted

I decided to take the family out for ice cream. Mary B had been asking to go to a specific restaurant for some time so I decided that we would give it a try (just for dessert though). Anyway...I proceeded out the gate and thru the nearby town of Lexington.

Then this guys appears in my rear view window with all lights flashing.

Praying he's after someone else, I quickly slide to the side...rats he pulls in behind me. I quickly replay in my mind the last 1/4 mile...I guess that yellow light was closer to red than green :(

He walks up and barks out that I had just strolled through a red light. He noted I was not speeding at all, but that I had run the light. What did I have to say? (The wife and kids all in the van mind you). I politely and respectfully said when I saw the light it was yellow. I did not not try to quibble - just succinctly answered his question.

Driver's license and Registration please...oh great...I have a Nevada DL with an OH street address on it. To make it even worse I have a DL that says - VALID WITHOUT PHOTO (because I have not been back to NV in years to renew my license in person so they mail me one without photo). I also hand him my military ID. I know this is all bad for me.
He asks how long I've been stationed here.
Jul 07, sir.
So have you had reason to travel this road before?
Most certainly sir.
So you know the light is there and MA laws state you should proceed with caution under yellow so you can stop?
Yes sir.
What's your MOS? (that's old Army talk for what is your primary duty - a more proper question would have been - what's your AFSC - Air Force Specialty Code - but I did not say that:)
Acquisitions Officer sir.
What? So you buy things?
Yes sir (does he really want to know...I'm guessing the 'I could tell you but then I'd have to kill you' line was not going to help here).
He pauses for a minute or so and clicks his pen in and out while looking at my registration.
I'm going to let you off with a warning...but next time stop before the light turns red...(then he holds up his ticket booklet) otherwise you will ACQUIRE one of these!
Yes sir!

My good fortune can only be explained by one of two things - Lucy's being cute in the seat behind me or him laughing at me in my #1 Dad (Father's day T-shirt).

Kristi joked - that was almost some very expensive ice cream.

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