Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Riley enjoyed herself immensely at Camp Cedarbrook last week. She was understandably anxious and nervous the night before we left as she and I made final preparations. However, when we picked her up at the end of the week I asked her if she had missed us. She laughed a guilty kind of laugh, at which point I asked, "You weren't having too much fun to miss us, were you?" She responded with a huge smile and a vigorous nod. Stupendous.


BUNGANUT LAKE (she was very pleased that she passed the swimming test for the second of the three sections in the lake.)

She brought home gifts for us all--mostly items she weaved. She's eager for me to buy ingredients for some special camp treat to make at home. She loved, loved, loved the swamp walk, for which they duct-taped their shoes to their feet so they didn't lose their shoes in the we have a lovely, sticky residue on her crocks. She's been singing camp songs NON-STOP!!!--and trying to convince me that we need to have song books for meals like they do at camp (separate lunch songs and dinner songs, no less). Ummmm, no. As much as I like to sing, I'm not seeing that one happening. And, like any good child who is given money to spend, she spent all but $1 of the money we sent with her. Here she sports her new camp shirt:

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