Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tall Ships

We spent an absolutely gorgeous Friday afternoon in Boston, an official port of the Tall Ships Atlantic Challenge, admiring a few of the Tall Ships in the Navy Yard. Quite honestly, our kids were not excited about this excursion. Someday they'll thank us for the countless sightseeing things we do, but the current consensus is that it is much more fun to stay on the Circle and play (unless, of course, we're going to the pool or a playground). Nevertheless, we wanted to go see them, and we figured that Friday would have a few less visitors than Saturday, so we loaded up and headed south with the whiny crew.

Upon arrival, we found some FREE! parking and walked a few blocks to the piers. The ships were pretty cool. It's quite impressive to see the tall, tall masts and imagine climbing to the tops of them in the middle of the ocean. That's some serious courage.

Highlights of the day:

  • the Coast Guard Eagle--a very big boat. It's the Coast Guard Acadamy training boat for cadets.

  • the first boat we saw had a Bagpiper playing as we walked up. There is no way you can graduate from AC/Lyon and not get a little nostalgic when you hear a bagpipe. I loved it.

there were cannons, cannon balls and anchors to climb on--almost as good as a playground. The kids could have spent the whole time just doing that!

  • our parking spot had a 2 hour limit, so the kids didn't have to wait in any of the long, long lines to tour one of the boats...we just didn't have enough time. I know they were relieved.

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