Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family "FUN"

Not unlike a lot of families, we often play a game or two with the kids on weekend nights. Some of our favorites are dominoes and Monopoly, Jr. We've also had a good time more recently with Bananagrams and an I Spy game. Sometimes it's difficult, though, because the games that interest Riley and Mary are too complicated for Cory and Lucy (case in point, Life), and Riley and Mary get a tad bored with games like Candyland and Hi Ho Cherry-O. But things usually get figured out. Currently Mexican train dominoes is a favorite for everyone--Lucy is even able to kind of sort of play that game.
Why, pray tell, do the kids feel this is a good time to roll around and do various gymnastics moves? One or more of them is posing like this at any given point during the game...

drives me crazy!

One of our kids' favorite games is Family Fun. Maybe you've played this Cranium game with your family. Every once in a while we oblige their wishes and play it with them.

But I'm not sure why, because it usually ends up in an argument, at which point Ted and I like to call it the Family Fight game. And then, despite all the ruckus, we remind every one that we're supposed to be having "fun."

Even if Lucy's doing this in the middle of the game. Right?
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wildcatfanal said...

We love Family Fun by Cranium but won't play it if the kids are tired at all. Fighting, crying will ensure... We let Ben be the dice roller for both teams (until he is bored with this).