Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Language of Love & Respect by Emerson Eggerichs

This book provides techniques for husbands and wives to improve their communication. The text is a follow-up to the author’s Love & Respect written in 2004. The book breaks down communication from a male and female perspective. The book explains how to decode messages from the opposite point of view. The last section explains that Jesus’ words gave us a model for communicating in our relationships.

I enjoyed the book, but I would only give it an average review. I think the book was written to help couples with poor and struggling relationships. My relationship is in good shape and I walk away with only a few new things to add to my toolbox. My favorite part of the book is where Eggerichs suggests that your spouse most often has your goodwill in mind. Many times we misunderstand the spoken word, but if we would only slow down and consider that our spouse is trying to help us it would reduce or eliminate many disagreements. The chapters on Jesus’ communication are worth reading, and I believe they accurately reflect biblical truths. I would recommend skipping the early sections if you read the original 2004 book.

Thanks to Thomas Nelson Publishers for the free book!

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