Saturday, January 9, 2010


Today was another Men's Challenge Event. Swords. I had a couple of swordsmanship instructors come in and teach us about swords. They brought in different kinds of swords and explaind their histories and origins. We learned about Oriental Kendo swords, German-broad swords, and even cavalry type swords of the modern era. They let us have some hands on time with the hardware. Above I'm modeling some of their artifacts with style.

After some instruction they allowed us to practice with some foam swords. These were stiff enough to swing, but padded enough to not really hurt anybody. We started with some one on one fights. The simple rule was any hit below the neck counted and you were out - next man up.

We worked up to larger team games. I saw lots of smiles. Towards the end, some of the guys were really getting winded, but they kept at it to support their teams.

I had a very diverse group, but the swords were a great equalizer. It's not about how big you are.

As usual I had some words to go with my Challenge. This time we talked about a modern day sword. Network connected/mobile devices. Just like the swords, you have to engage and work at tactics to make sure you don't let it detach you from your family or lead you/your kids into trouble.
The whole day rocked!!
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