Saturday, January 23, 2010

Winter Fun

Another fun year in snowy New Englad for our children. They fully enjoy all the fun things you can do in the snow. The hill of choice this year for sledding is behind house #1 on the circle. Lucy especially enjoys sledding on her little sled.

When we're not sledding, the kids are usually building tunnels through the giant pile of snow in the middle of the circle created by their favorite guy, Mr. Plow (if there's a Simpson's jingle playing in your head now, I've done my job).
They also like making snow families and snow furniture. Below, Mary Beth relaxes in a chair she and her friend Elisabeth made.

And we had a lot of fun trying to build an igloo with the neighborhood. Unfortunately, it was too big, and they weren't able to close it up, so it became a pretty cool fort instead.

Ted insists on going out in the snow in his old desert BDU's...he figures if he can imagine being in the desert he'll stay warm. Good luck with that one.

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