Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tea Time

In school right now we're doing a unit study centered around the American Girl doll Felicity. Felicity is a fictitional girl living in Williamsburg, Virginia, just before the start of the American Revolution. Luckily for us, the stories start just before the colonists begin to throw tea over the sides of boats, and Felicity was learning the proper way to take tea from Miss Manderly. So, of course, we needed to have a tea party.

Just like Felicity, we had Queen Cakes. We also served scones, cookies and tea sandwiches. And of course, TEA! Riley made the Queen Cakes--and she did quite well. Hopefully, we'll have more to share as the unit progresses, and particularly later in March if we are able to make a stop in Williamsburg on our way to or from Florida. For now, we're having fun reading about Felicity and what life was like for her, and we're learning about real people like Betsy Ross, George Washington, William Penn, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson.
Here's a parting shot of all the girls we had over with their dolls...look at those smiles!

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