Tuesday, August 17, 2010


In an effort to do everything in the area that we can possibly think of before we move in 3 short months, we took a day trip to New Hampshire one beautiful Saturday. While there we rode an aerial tram up to the top of Cannon Mountain where we were blessed with these amazing views. We were also a little panicked when Ted's iphone fell down this little animal home/hole. I don't think Ted was too excited about sticking his hand down there, but he sure wasn't leaving behind his phone, either!
Then, we mosied over to the Flume Gorge where we hiked through the gorge and alongside these waterfalls,

crawled through rock caves that were a little bit of a squeeze for Ted and me, but just the right size for little Lu,

and climbed on rocks being hugged by tree roots. Or maybe we climbed on the trees that were hugging the rocks...

Either way, we had a great day of adventure!

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