Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Jungle Book

Again this year the girls participated in Missoula Children's Theater. They've been anticipating this year's play since taking their final bows at last year's show. In fact, we even had to cancel/reschedule vacation plans after confirming that the two would be in conflict with each other.

It was worth it, though, after watching the girls rehearse during the week and then seeing them on stage Saturday. They each performed marvelously...Ted and I were both beaming.

Riley played a wolf in the wolf pack. She swooned over the 'leader of the pack' and didn't miss a dance move or line.

Mary Beth played the part of an elephant. She was seen stampeding
across the stage numerous times in fear of a mouse (which turned out to be a mongoose, and nothing to fear). She, too, did an awesome job with her lines and acting.

Already they are hoping that MCT comes to Aviano so they can do it again! I'm still trying to clean the makeup off their faces.

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