Monday, August 23, 2010

On The Road Again (mall cop style)

We've only been on our road trip for a couple of days, and already we've found lots of adventure. We arrived at our friend's house late, late, late Saturday night, which meant that we had all day Sunday to hang out and have fun. As we were discussing what we might do, they mentioned that outdoor rec. rents out Segways. Cool...that seems like a ton of fun.

The girls went first. We drove them along the Potomac River, enjoyed the scenery, and had a couple of speed trials on a basketball court.

We came back by their house, where the guys and kids came out to see us. They took over a little and gave some of the kids some rides before their turn.

And then it started raining. Hard. So the guys drove them back to outdoor rec in the driving rain and didn't get a turn. I knew he was disappointed.

However, their luck turned when the rain disappeared about as quickly as it arrived, and we convinced them to go back and rent them again.

Now, when the guys took them out there was apparently racing and goose chasing along the Potomac River. The racing was a contact sport as well, and Ted took a pretty good hit on his wrist, breaking his watch. I guess the helmets were a good idea after all.

When they came back by the house, Cory got a little ride and then raced his daddy on foot. That y chromosome is something else!

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