Saturday, August 7, 2010

Zip Free or Die!

Today I was able to enjoy the final piece of my Birthday present. An adrenaline filled day at Alpine Adventures in New Hampshire (compliments to the State for one of the best slogan's ever!). Kristi and the kids purchased a day of zipline fun and worked it out for two of my buddies to go along with me.

The tour is a series of ziplines criss-crossing down a forested peak in the White Mountains. I recorded a few videos. I used my trusty iPhone to record these. I steered myself with one hand and tightly held on to my phone with the other. In the past I have been prone to iPhone drops when we are out adventuring with the kids, praise God - today no drops.

This first video shows the first two ziplines. I didn't realize I was videoing during the transition, but in the end it's cool to see how it works while he unhooks me from one line and then onto another. Steve had mentioned to the guide as he went down this line before me that this was a birthday present. In the video you can hear him say happy b-day. That was cool. (you might want to turn the music off at the bottom so you can hear the sound)

This second video is another of the ziplines farther down the hill. You can see how the guide on the end really catches you.

The course had multiple ziplines and a small ropes bridge. I also recorded my walk across this one, but it's pretty shaky. Instead of showing that, I included one of my buddy coming behind me.

The last of the lines was the steepest/fastest and most fun. I went backwards based on the guide's advice to make it more thrilling. I did not record that one, but I did record my buddy who went after me. You can see that this one is a little faster. The sound is me yelling as he went know me...always making silly sounds.

This company has another zipline tour that is higher, faster, longer. I'll have to do that one next!

Thanks to the family for a great birthday present!

(gotta love the goofy helmet :)

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