Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Market

We spent part of yesterday at Salzburg's Christmas Market. It had been snowing most of the day, the sun had just set, and the fortress high above on the hill was illuminated when we arrived. It was picture perfect.

We had arrived there somewhat unbelievably, with four of the five families together, despite the fact that we had been separated at red lights through the city and confident that the fifth family will be able find us in the Market (they were kind of the leaders of the pack). We find our way to the market and agree to disperse and meet back in a couple of hours.

It starts out well. Our family is looking at the items in various booths, taking in the sights and sounds. We get a little bit down the first row and Ted says he will take the kids to a sugar booth...they were happy. (I heard gleeful echos of 'sugar' as they walked off)

Things start to get harder as we all begin to have cold, cold cold that Lucy becomes inconsolable. She was unable to articulate exactly the problem, poor girl. Ted thinks that perhaps buying the pink robot she liked at one of the booths will fix it. It doesn't. (let it be noted that we managed to buy a toy (that is not a toy) made in China! at the SALZBURG, AUSTRIA Christmas market).

The girls are with me and Riley is also on the verge of tears. I am, too, quite honestly. My feet were in such pain.

Our friends taught us the phrase 'there's not bad weather, just bad clothes,' and we have quite possibly mentioned that on our blog before. Might I just say that yesterday we definitely fell on "bad clothes" half of the phrase.

We manage to find Ted with the other two, and we agree that with our meet up time still an hour away, we have got to find someplace to be inside and get warmed up.

It was at this moment that the fifth family passed us and said we were all meeting at the ice rink (it was no Freedom Rink, though) to eat dinner at a nearby restaurant. Praise God.

We had a wonderful dinner--schnitzel, bratwurst, soup, and pasta. We were all feeling much better after that.

Just had to make it back to our parking garage and then we would be safe on our way back to the house.

But wait...did I mention that it had been snowing all day? I'll let Ted write tomorrow about his drive home in the snow.

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