Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random TLF notes

The air force name for the temporary apartment you live in when you first move to a base is the "Temporary Living Facility" or TLF.

The tlf's are good and bad. They provide you the basic amenities of normal living: beds, bath, small kitchen, and living area. Unfortunately they are also small for a family of 6. We've given it some other names...the tiny living facility or the television living facility because the kids do nothing but sit around and watch tv.
Here are a few random notes about our current version.
The small table serves as eating area and school area in our case.

The furniture can sometimes be very this chair...yuck!

Or this couch...we have removed the sleeper mattress so all 4 kids can be crammed into a single room to sleep so mom and dad can have a small area to hang out in at night. Note the remote with no battery cover (standard issue )...the Lego bin (must have for modern military kids in transition) and the extremely important black backpack with all your precious moving documents.

The tlf also has a few things right...the multiple power plugs to help ease the transition to Italy...iPhone plugged in of course.

This tlf has its own washer and dryer...wahoooooo!

But no matter what we try to make it home. Here's our little piece of to a crowded Lego airport.

Last but not least you can't let the crazy air force moves interrupt your lives. Here's Lucy's birthday arrangement.

Happy birthday Lucy!

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