Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Daddy, who is that guy?

This last weekend we ventured over to another area of the base. Aviano is unique in that has multiple areas spread all around a few towns. Anyway...we were looking into the base library and some additional shops (uniforms and furniture shops - As a side note it is interesting that this somewhat isolated overseas base has more infrastructure than our last base).

Back to the story. This shopping area has a couple of restaurants so we had some fresh. Sitting next to us was the spokesperson for subway - Jared.

He was in town for a quick promotion put on by the organization that runs the food establishments on the base. He was also around for a fun run 5k and then went to the subway to hand out some promo stuff.

He was handing out free t-shirts. So of course I was IN. I would have just taken the shirt and toy football for Cory and run away, but Jared wanted to give me his autograph and wish me all the best.

It took us most of the day to explain to the kids who he was and why anyone cared that he was handing out autographs. I guess I should be happy that they don't know who he means they don't watch tv too much. But then again it could just be the AFN commercials have confused them and they don't know any current pop culture heroes.

In the continuing saga of TLF life. The fly met his demise recently. Unfortunately he was on my belly when Kristi smacked me in order to kill him. We don't miss him!

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