Thursday, November 25, 2010

God was in the details

Praise God for his glory! He worked out so many small details yesterday!
He absolutely rocks!

Yesterday was quarterly wing commanders breakfast with staff and I was able to meet some of the guys we are staying with in Austria. That divine appointment helped me in my standard standoff-ish-ness to be more comfortable.

Then we got a late start on our drive and ended up driving more in the dark than we wanted to, but it worked out. You have to buy a driving pass in Austria called a vignette. We missed the border spot to buy it, but God once again was setting us up for success. The next stop, was a gas station that also sold them. I knew they would probably sell them, but the amazing part was that as we were leaving I spied a buddy (that I met in the morning) getting gas. We exchanged notes on how to get to our final destination and the formed a 2 ship american minivan team. It is so much easier to be with somebody you know. The mutual support really helps when you are traveling in a new area for the first time.

Here's a few pics snapped from the iPhone. The sun is in a bad position and the pics don't do God's glorious creation justice. We'll take more when the sun is higher in the sky.

Kristi is off shopping with her new friends. I'm left guarding the pumpkin pies and kids playing legos. Ahhh to be out of the Television Living Facility!

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