Saturday, November 13, 2010

Look kids...Big Ben...Parlament

First of all - we did make it to Italy! Wahoo! Now for the funny story.

Remember the National Lampoon's European vacation? When they get stuck on the roundabout? We didn't get stuck on a road, but we did take an unexpected roundabout!

Our trip from bean town to BWI was uneventful. All the bags made it and we had a great time with our pals the Goodings. But that will have to wait for another day' blog post.

Our flight departed the states on time and the kids were amazing troopers all along the way. One unfortunate note was the gate agent mentioned on the loudspeaker they were going to play a disney movie...poor lucy stayed up for a couple of hours with her headphones on asking me every five minutes "when will the disney movie start?"

The layover in germany was short and we cleared customs easily thanks to our handsome luggage. Some great friends from a previous assignment, Greg and Lisa, met us and offered some german pretzels and a much needed can of dr pepper. We reloaded the plane for Italy with the kids super excited.

The movies tell some of the story from there...

YouTube Video

We flew all the way to Italy...descended...did a low approach...then climbed back to altitude and flew back to Germany. Weather and local conditions made the landing unsafe. So back to germany we go. The crew considered a second landing attempt a few hours later, but then decided just to cancel the flight. Now we are stuck in germany for the night. With our backpacks only.

YouTube Video

After a short debate and watching the local logistics units trying to decide how to set up lodging for 300 tired people on very short notice, we called Greg and Lisa back. They offered to come get us, feed us, and keep us for the night. What a blessing they were!

I made a quick trip to the gigantic bx there in fortress america and bought clean underwear for the family...(we talked multiple times about packing an overnight clothing - but it got lost in the baggage craziness). Aarrrrghhhh!

The next morning we were a little more rested, but still no where near 100%. Our flight made it to italy without issue. The kids were wonderful through it all. But they grew very weary of the multiple waits and lines for security and gate checks. The kids got a lesson in military efficiency...the AF does not really care if they make you wait around just to find out you have to wait around some more.

We tried to make the best of it...

Oh how nice it was to see our bags come off the carousel in Italy...

We are settled in the temporary quarters, looking for a place to live, and generally just learning how to get around Italy. Lots of funny stories and things to mention, but I'll save that for another day.

If the movies don't work I'll blame the slow wireless internet here in the hotel.

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