Monday, April 25, 2011

Buona Pasqua

 Here we are in Italy, celebrating our first Easter.  Admittedly, we did very little Italian-culture wise.  Might have been good to learn some of that and partake, but instead...

We had a Cascarones party with some of our friends from the co-op.  Interestingly, research on the world wide web suggests that the confetti filled egg tradition popular in Latin American communities might actually have been an Italian gift-giving tradition before morphing into something associated with Easter.

So, perhaps we were being slightly Italian.  Mostly, we were just having fun chasing each other and smashing eggs on each others' heads

and making a big mess with our friends.

Additionally, there were our usual holiday traditions.  We enjoyed the Seder dinner hosted by the chapel.
 I like that Lucy wore her "crown" to dinner.

Saturday night we spent opening the Resurrection Eggs and making our Resurrection buns to enjoy Sunday morning.
 Mary was enjoying some of the marshmallow early.
And then there's Sunday!  No pictures of the finished buns--but trust me when I tell you they were DEE-lish!
Everyone all dressed up in their finest:

After worship, we enjoyed brunch at the Club--we haven't had Easter Brunch at the base club in years.  We came home and eagerly began reading the final chapter of Amon's Adventures.  The Easter story that correlates with the Advent stories about Jotham, Bartholomew and Tabitha was a highlight of our Lent.

And then it was the much anticipated egg hunt!  Thanks to my mom for sending 60 filled eggs for the kids.  Those plus the golden eggs from Ted's mom and the empty eggs from Ted and me were scattered throughout our yard, and the hunt was on!

Candy in some, money in one, and an empty egg that they could exchange for a better gift (kinda' like the better gift from the empty tomb)--we had some happy chicks.

Buona Pasqua!!

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