Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ladybug Lapbook

 One of our favorite ways to do school is through a popular method called a lapbook.  Lots of information on the internet make this even easier--a few simple searches online and you find creative people who have already created little booklets that you can print and use.  We've done lapbooks on George Washington, space, Italy, and Little House on the Prairie, to name a few.  Recently the three oldest each picked a topic to begin working on, and shortly after that Riley asked if Lucy wouldn't like to do a lapbook.  Well, of course she would!  So we found a great topic...LADYBUGS!

Here is the front of the lapbook, a manila folder, cleverly refolded

 to open like this when it's finished
Between the beginning and end product, Lucy worked on all the parts.
Here are some close-ups of a few of the things we did:
Counting the dots on a ladybug and matching them to a flower with the printed number

Writing the numbers 1-10

Beginning concepts of odd and even (this is on the back of the folder)

Language Arts-
Reading The Grouchy Ladybug and retelling the story using pictures of animals in the story
Recognizing the letters A-Z
Recognizing letters a-h in a dot-to-dot

Listening and reciting a poem, listening to a story (about none other than Lucy Ladybug!)

Beginning word sounds, L is for...

Parts of a ladybug/writing numbers

Ladybug collage
Paper plate ladybug, reviewing parts and symmetry (this was not in the lapbook, but went along with the unit)

It was a fun unit, and we are using her completed lapbook to play with and review.  She loves to go through the animals of The Grouchy Ladybug and say "If you insist!"  Cory's lapbook will be finished tomorrow!  Pictures on his will follow soon.

And here are some links to where I found a lot of the printables:
One of my favorite lapbook sites, Homeschool Share.
Another great lapbook resource, Lapbook Lessons.

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