Friday, April 22, 2011

Medieval Times Lapbook

A little slow in getting this up...Cory's project was a lapbook focused on medieval times, and specifically knights.  All things knights. 
As we worked on his project we kept having to add more and more pages because he had so much he wanted to share. 

Here's the lapbook as you first open it.  A blue tab with booklets about becoming a knight, the armor and swords a knight would use, the seige machines, and a comparison of wooden and stone castles.
When the blue flap is lifted up, theres are even more booklets!  More weapons (no surprise), information about the feudal system of the medieval times, table manners, and common animals.
The red flap opens to reveal more about the people who would live in castles and manors, and a bibliography of sorts of the books we used to find our information.
And then, the last flaps, the two green ones, open to show what he learned about the Middle Ages, castle building, heraldry, entertainment and the Armor of God.
Here's Cory with the lapbook completely opened.
But it wasn't all books and writing--he also used what he learned to create a medieval scene with his PlayMobil toys
And then he fashioned a couple of weapons and challenged his sister to a friendly fight.

After we closed the lapbook, he brought out a book on sharks, read a chapter and then asked if we could start a Shark lapbook.   That's my boy.


Anonymous said...

Would love to know which lapbook you used! I have been looking at all sorts! thanks!

T+K said...

Most of these minit books were out of A few I came up with myself, and I also found some other useful links and downloads while googling the world wide web. good luck!