Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Like To Move It Move It!

Usually with our moves, all of our stuff gets packed up the week before we leave, a semi truck drives off with the stuff and in a couple of days you can start unpacking it at the new house.  However, with an overseas move, things take longer to get across the ocean on a boat, so it's prudent to have all of your things packed up a little sooner.  So, before we were even done loving Italy, we had to get our stuff packed and loaded into crates.

We needed lots of bubble wrap.
And we needed lots of tape
And lots of paper
We marked a big bathroom with the Italian word for "NO" indicating that they shouldn't pack anything in that room

 And in here we kept all of the things we would need for the next 2ish months
And if we weren't careful, our things we wanted would get packed up--in the brown paper wrapped basket was Riley's flip flops that she had inadvertently left out of the bathoom.  OOPS

It was fun to play "guess what this is" with a few of our items:  Some were obvious

Boxes showed up in stacks on the porch
And then eventually tetrised (I just made up a word) into a crate.  14 to be exact.

It took two days for them to get all of our stuff wrapped, packed, and loaded.  We'll see on the other side how well they did.

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