Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Venezia Finale

Our last trip to Venice--we boogied down there after church one Sunday.  It was a hot, hot day, so we made sure to stop for gelato and cold frizzantes whenever possible.

It's hard to take a bad picture in Venice.  

Canal in the early afternoon...


We found a shop/artist who paints a beautiful Venezian scene that looks a lot like the reflection in the waters.  It's a good thing we had not found him earlier in our tour--I loved the concept and could have bought a ton!

St. Mark's Square

Winged lion--symbol of Venice.  Holding a book means there is peace.  We looked for  winged lions carrying a sword, but they hard to find
What does a winged lion holding children mean?

Romance on a gondola

Well, there went the romance factor.  ;)

A rare people-less street

Canal inthe evening--the lights in the water are pretty.

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