Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Lessons From Italy Learned--Digging for Diamonds

Without a doubt we enjoyed all the traveling we did throughout Italy and Europe.  We saw incredible things and iconic architecture.  But you know, if you talked to the local guy in Aviano, it wasn't uncommon for him to not have been to any of those places, even though they were just a few hours from home.

It gave us pause--the U.S. has no shortage of incredible things and iconic architecture...will we travel to experience it?  I hope our answer is starting in Arkansas we took a day to visit the nation's only diamond mine to search for our fortunes with some of the family.

Brad supplied buckets for the troops, and we gathered a few random shovels and spades from Dad's house for the task at hand

I'm not sure how flip flops are appropriate shoewear for this job, but...

We paid our entrance fees (and hey, we weren't penalized for being non EU citizens this time--woohoo!) and walked into the park.
 And we tried to find the one spot where we would find riches
love this picture of my brother and his baby girl
 We dug, sifted and washed...

 And at least one of us was looking extra cute

 We took a few small rocks to the counter for the "expert" to look at them and let us know how big our diamonds were...
Okay, so it might have been just quartz, jasper and calcite that we found, but we found it together.

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