Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Prosecco Road

A beautiful countryside drive was just an hourish from our house.  Some of the best prosecco--the Italian version of Champagne--is produced in the hillsides around Valdobbiadene, Italy.  We left our kids with some friends, and headed into the mountains to take in the lush hillsides.

We didn't have much of an agenda--I don't think we even wanted to taste proseccos at the wineries.  We just wanted to see one more thing.  We had been told about an interesting "restaurant" in the area called Osteria Senz'oste.  I think it translates to something like restaurant without a host.  That's exactly what it was.

Knowing it was intriguing, I did my best before we left to get an address or directions to the place.  It's listed as a destination on tripadvisor, even, but directions were sketchy and an address was elusive.

It's truly a miracle we found it--3 year ago we would have been unsuccessful, but our time in Italy has taught us a thing or two about the culture.  As we drove up a drive, we discovered this sign:
The big blue sign would have made us turn around--It's clearly private property, and we've not been invited.  But, below, somewhat waterstained and dim is a smaller sign.  Well lookie there!  Osteria senz'oste!  By golly I think we've found it.  Now, where to park???

Hmmm, well there seems a car to be parked up in between the grapevines.  Should we?  Heck yes!  It's Italy, park wherever you can!

We walked up to the Osteria...the tavern was so quaint, the overlook was stunning.  

Paths between the grapevines led to different shaded seating areas

We walked into the doorway...

A small room welcomed us, filled with fliers and business cards.  In one corner was a cupboard filled with bread.  In another corner were glasses, cutting boards and knives.

In a third corner was a tiny refrigerator stocked with proseccos, wines and juices.  On top of it was salamis and cheeses.  There was also a price list and a collection box--it was all on the honor system.

We didn't buy anything--it was fairly warm outside, and we weren't that hungry.  We continued down Prosecco Road enjoying the views -- and counting ourselves lucky to have this experience.

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