Tuesday, August 27, 2013

These are a few of our favorite things.

Before we close out our time in Italy, I thought it might be good to show a few of our (or at least my) favorite things.

In no particular order:
Our favorite restaurant, New Ristopizza.  Mario and Marcella treated us like family every time we visited.  They knew everyone's favorite foods.  I'm not going to lie--I cried when we left here for the last time.

Oh, the wine.  Cin Cin!  Reds, Whites, Proseccos.  It was all good.

The church steeples, climbing above the rest of every city.  We could see them from miles away, beckoning us.

The drives through the towns--the narrow roads lined with multicolored homes, the small churches with bells, the stone, the flowers, the bicycles, the impatient cars behind us.  

The gelato.  In flavors like amarone, limone, stracciatella, bacio, nutella, and Jif.  

Being just an hour away from Venice...and taking in the "average" sites of the town on the narrow canals.

Our house!  

A climbing tree to die for.  

Serenity from my bed and bedroom window

A dear, sweet landlady who made it all so easy

The fragrance of jasmine filling the porch for a good part of the late springs and early summers

The fields of red poppies!

 Piancavallo--not too bad a view on my way to the grocery store.  

Our chapel family, especially the chaplain and his wife.  They adopted us as if we were their own family and treated our kids like grandkids.  We love them dearly.

That doesn't even begin to touch the wonderful things in Italy--there were the cherry trees, the tire swing, the temperate weather, the pizza, the festivals... However, this last picture reminds me that there  were a lot of PEOPLE that far surpassed the things we enjoyed and will miss from our time in Italy.  As usual, with every place we've lived the friendships we've made outshine it all.  Our Air Force family is far more beautiful than all of Italy.

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