Friday, October 10, 2008

Are You Ready For Some Football?

Cory started a program called Start Smart Football last night. It is a parent/child program that introduces preschoolers to the sport and some of the basic fundamentals. (He participated in Start Smart Basketball and Soccer last winter and spring) He came home very excited--with a flag belt around his waist, two separate tees, a t-shirt and a FOOTBALL!

This afternoon he wanted me to go outside and throw the football with him. It seemed like a fabulous idea. The weather here is OUTSTANDING and it was a perfect afternoon to be outside throwing a ball. So, Cory and I stand about 6 feet apart and he lobs the ball at me with his best throw--he's all smiles. I catch the ball and aim it for him...unfortunately he doesn't have catching down yet, and the ball hit him square in the face. What can I say, I have good aim! Smiles are gone; they're replaced by tears. :(

I'm trying to convince him that he'll be okay and we should keep throwing so he can get better. His crying and tears tell me he's clearly not convinced. So then I say, "That must be why real football players wear helmets--so their faces don't get smashed."

He replies, "Yeah! A helmet! I'll be right back." This is how he comes back:

Thanks, Uncle Brad! It was perfect--at least for a throw or two, before he decided it was too cumbersome. If nothing else, it distracted him from crying for a minute! :)

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